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Derek's Amazing Cigarette Packet Animals

If you thought that it was only dogs that could be made from cigarette packets then you would be wrong.

I was recently contacted by Derek Fitton after he came across this website. He said that he was amazed at the variety of dogs that people had made. Not only has Derek made a number of different animals from cigarette packets but they are big. And I mean BIG!

Derek started making animals 2 or 3 years ago after being shown how to make dogs by his father. The animals he has made range from parrots, an elephant, a kangaroo complete with joey, a 5ft tall giraffe a 12ft python and an almost life sized gorilla. WOW!

The reason some of Derek's animals are so big is because some local people collecting empty packets for him and a majority of them were 20s packets.


The parrots shown in the photos have mainly been made from the blue part of Richmond 20s packets. The yellow portions are made from Swan filter tip packets.

Height = 31ins Width = 9ins

Kangaroo and Joey.

Measurements: Height = 26ins     Length = 44ins     Width = 13ins

  The above photographs have kindly been supplied by Derek Fitton. 

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