Saturday, 21 July 2012

Cigarette Packet Dog

I am looking for any information on how to make a dog out of cigarette packets.

The purpose of this website is to gather as much information as possible about constructing Cigarette Packet Dogs, share the knowledge with others and hopefully prevent this craft from dying out.

I remember as a young boy in the 1950s being shown a dog made out of Woodbine cigarette packets, similar to the one pictured below. Unfortunately, I was never shown how it was made and have wondered ever since how it was done.

This seems to be another one of those crafts that is dying out. Possible reasons for this was the introduction of the flip-top cigarette packet (less material was available to use) and the legislation forcing manufaturers to add Health Warnings. The text type health warnings introduced in 1971 wasn't too bad but the  graphic type health warnings cover most of the packet and aren't very nice to look at.

In this day and age where most people are aware of the benefits of recycling, what better way of reusing your empty cigarette packets.


Length: 14½" (36cm)
Height: 11½" (28cm)
Width:      6" (15cm)

This particular model is made from a mixture of Lambert & Butler, Raffles and Richmond Superkings 20s cigarette packets.

If you can offer any information, photos, drawings or anything else on how to construct this type of cigarette packet model, it would be very much appreciated.  Anything suitable will be added to this website for others to share in.

Basic Construction Details

After studying one of the dogs that I have, I can see that a sequence of squares made up from 4 strips is used for construction. Each strip cut horizontaly across the cigarette packet makes a flattened loop. By connecting a series of 4 strips together they form a square with 4 legs. These legs are then used to make another connecting square and so on. As yet I still have to work out where to start the model and how to make shapes.

I hope the above pictures help you get started. As I obtain  more construction details or any other information, I will add it to this site.

I would also like to add a Picture Gallery page of any  models you have. If you have any pictures please send them to and I will include them on it. If you could give me any information about pictures you send, that would be even better. Any pictures sent will be credited to yourself.

Any comments you have would be most welcome.

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